Customer Testimonials for Verdi Motors Inc.

Sean - 2008 Cheverolet Malibu

Purchased 5 used vehicles over the years from Verdi motors and was always happy.

Mary - 2012 Carolla Toyota

Just purchased my first car and couldn't be more pleased with the experience. From start to finish Dan helped me find my dream car at an affordable price and provided little details that made me feel like I bought the car from a family member. I will definitely shop for a second car at Verdi Motors!

Sasha - 2010 Honda Pilot

It took him 6 months to find me the right car, but he found it and gave me a great price. Delivered clean as whistle, looked showroom new. Missing the spare key which costs 200.00 from Honda- Joe took care of it. Also noticed brake issues after driving for a week, brought it to joe's attention, he fi ixed it. They stand behind their cars. I would highly recommend Joe and Drew- they are honest and they stand behind what they sell. Had an awesome experience, will not buy from anyone else. Sasha

Tim - 2007 Acura MDX

Buying a vehicle is often as much fun as a root canal but, let me tell it's not like that at Verdi....I have purchased 2 vehicles there and I will return ....the customer service there is top notch...Drew is a pleasure to work with.

Samantha - 2011 Ford Flex

I recently bought a car from Verdi Motors and I was blown away at the great customer service of Walter and Drew over there. From the moment I walked in I was treated with respect and kindness and Walter found the car of my dreams. Drew helped me get approved with very low payments, and I was ecstatic! I have bought cars in the past and I have never been treated this awesome! These guys know what they are doing, and I highly, highly recommend them to everyone!

Anthony - 2004 2004 Toyota

Bought my awesome 2004 Toyota Sequoia from Verdi. These guys were great to work with!!!!

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